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Male erectile dysfunction linked to relationship problems

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 1:10 PM

With some men when they are not understood sexually in their relationship it can lead to male sexual dysfunction. The sexual dysfunction can then lead to their partner not getting sexual gratification and that can lead a man to having performance anxiety, which is a vicious cycle. Research has documented that men with sexual problems are significantly less satisfied sexually than men without sexual problems are. These findings relate to men with erectile difficulties (Matic, 2005; Swindle, Cameron, Lockhart & Rosen, 2004) In addition, a review of literature on men with delayed ejaculation have high levels of sexual dissatisfaction (Perelman &Rowland, 2006).


Most men at some point in their lives will experience some sexual difficulties, it is normal. They will either not be able to maintain an erection, early ejaculation or unable to climax. Prolonged problems in this area is what is referred to as a sexual dysfunction. One common problem that may occur is when a man has had difficulties with sexual function due to a stressful event, health related issue, or relationship stress and then it turns into performance problems because his wife or partner may not understand. A spouse may be upset with his lack of performance, not understanding it is normal once in a while and causing him more anxiety or even the man himself putting pressure on his own ability to perform sexually. Most men and women are not aware of the fact that there are times that a man has no control over his penis function. Once a man gets anxious his blood vessels constrict and eliminate blood flow to his penis causing it to either not get erect at all or become flaccid, it can also cause delayed ejaculation.


For a woman it can be frustrating as well, because society dictates that men are suppose to want "sex all the time" or that if they "are attracted to a woman he would get an erection". They see a man who is turning them down for sex or not able to performance in bed as a direct correlation of how they feel about them. This can be very upsetting for a woman, but with proper understanding of the situation a woman can learn that it is more about her husbands fear of perform than it has to do with her. Many men in long tern relationship have struggled with this issue and a woman being supportive and helpful can be a solution to the problem rather than create an even bigger issue.


When a man is satisfied with his relationship, he is usually satisfied with his sexual performance as well as his partner is satisfied sexually with him. The biggest level of partner disaffection in relationship was with men that had premature ejaculation. As demonstrated by Revicki and colleagues (2008), it is likely that men with premature ejaculation report higher levels of partner frustration, anger, or disappointment, given that men who have premature ejaculation have a negative connotation of being selfish (Masters & Johnson, 1970) It may also be the case that a poor relationship leads to premature ejaculation.


In conclusion sexual satisfaction relies heavily on a male’s sexual performance as well as his partner’s sexual satisfaction with him. When a man is not able to perform sexually or satisfy his parent sexually it can lead to low desire and even lack of desire. The positive aspect of this is that with most men it can be resolved and is not a medical condition. With the right information and help with a professional who treats sexual problems a man can regain full sexual function again. When a man has a sexual problem in his relationship it is important to include his partner in the process, so that both can learn how to help each other maintain a healthy sex life.


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